Mini Feather Hand-Carved Abalone Pendant Necklace - 20 Pieces

MINI abalone feathers for jewellery making. You have the option of having them on premium black cord already or just as they are. Because of the thin nature of the shell, there is no room for us the put a sideways hole. Feather Tribe just skillfully wrap the string on there and secure it with some super glue.

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Mini Feather Hand-carved Abalone Pendant Necklace - 20 Pieces

The amazing multi-coloured Abalone / Paua Shell is the most unique shell Feather Tribe have! Because of the natural differentiation of nature, the colour of the shell is a combination of blue and green on one side and on the other can be a combination of blue, green, pink or silver depending on the individual shell. When you look at them on different angles the colours shift like an opal. They are an absolute crowd-stopper, amazing to look at, and the energy in them feels incredible to wear.