Flying Kundalini Energy With Flower Of Life Black Horn Or White Bone Wings Priestess Necklace Cast From Brass

Join us in the Feather Tribe with this stunning necklace cast in brass Kundalini 7 chakras and Sacred Geometry Flower of Life Symbol with Black Wings hand carved from horn as one option or White Wings hand carved from bone as another option. This beautiful sacred pendant comes with a Free Feather Tribe Gift Box! Enjoy the highest vibes with your new Priestess Wings. Created with Spirit in mind, this piece is as sacred as we can conjure.

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Flying Kundalini Energy with Flower of Life Black Horn or White Bone Wings Priestess Necklace Cast from Brass

This piece has now been upgraded with genuine faceted stones! Kundalini refers to a form of primal dormant energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. Often called the “sleeping goddess” or “serpent power”, it is represented as a serpent coiled around the first chakra or root chakra at the base of the spine. As Kundalini rises and travels up the spinal column, it passes through each of the chakras on its way giving each a boost, so to speak, and making it light up. Kundalini brings us to a higher state of consciousness. This is the process of the energetic awakening of the human being and the expansion of prana upwards into the higher centres of the body. She, rising from the lowest to the highest lotus center will pass through and wake the five between, and with each waking, the psychology and personality of the practitioner will be altogether and fundamentally transformed.
It is believed that The Flower of Life represents or depicts the cycle of creation. This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source (this being the first circle). The next 6 circles are identical with the cell division process. Therefore, the Flower of Life is seen as a model of God’s Creation. This pendant promotes gentle and safe process of awakening of our True Nature. It accelerates the spiritual growth by releasing the energy blockages that are impacting your body and helps to ascend kundalini energy which causes spiritual awakening, freedom, and wisdom.

This pendant measures 3.54 inches (9cm) from top to bottom. Together with the gold plated chain it is 15.74 inches (40 cms) long.

The Kundalini with Flower of Life symbol is cast in brass with inlay of semiprecious stones. The black wings are hand carved from horn and the white wings are hand carved from buffalo bone. The pendant comes on gold plated chain.

About Feather Tribe
The Feather Tribe is a movement of upliftment and freedom. A collective of people showing their connection with their unique hand-carved feathers. A heartfelt social enterprise business by which they share the joy of giving to a charitable cause through a percentage of the profits of their beautiful feathers, bird and wing inspired, carved, cast and hand crafted jewellery. Feather Tribe sponsor different campaigns all over the world. We welcome you to the tribe and invite you to find a symbol of that freedom which will remind you daily that you are infinite and special in your own unique and perfect way. Feather Tribe are far more than a brand or a business, we are a tribe! It takes many feathers to make a wing, and it’s only together that wings can fly! The sky is no limit, it's where we live.

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