Lightning Ridge Gamble Rough Parcel (100Cts)

Lightning Ridge gamble rough! What is gamble rough you might ask? Gamble rough is rough opal that may or may not cut a perfect stone. It's a gamble.

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Lightning Ridge Gamble Rough Parcel (100Cts)

These parcels are perfect for those wanting to step into opal cutting without spending a fortune (it’s not hard to do) on opal rough straight away. It also allows beginners to get a feel for cutting opals and what it’s like to work down colour bars and discover the magic within and if the colours ground too far it’s no big loss.

It’s also suitable for those jewellers and opal cutters on a budget who aren’t looking for gem quality and are happy to settle with blues and purples or a bit of sand. This grade of opal has plenty of colour and loads of black, it will not disappoint!