Super Mini Hand-Carved Golden Pearl Shell Feather Necklace Finished With A Brass Spine

Join us in the feather tribe with this beautiful, hand carved Golden Pearl shell feather necklace with elegant Brass spine. All natural shell, in beautiful iridescent rainbow patterns with blues and greens dominating with a varying degree of pink splashed in.

$31.45 AUD 31.45

Item Specifics

Super Mini Hand-carved Golden Pearl Shell Feather Necklace Finished with a Brass Spine

The flight feather is one of the original designs in the feather tribe, and a very popular one at that. It is modeled on the feather from the wing of the bird. The flight feather represents the ability for us all to spread our wings and fly. Promoting strength and confidence.

The feather pendant itself is 1.57 inches (5.5 cms) from the tip to the top of the stem and 0.39 inches wide (1 cm). Together with the chain the necklace length is 10.43 inches (26.5 cms).

It is hand carved from sustainably sourced abalone shell from the clear waters of Indonesia. The spine is brass. The feather pendant comes on a brass chain.

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