Black Horn Angels Wing Hand-Carved Small Necklace In Brass Filigree Finish

The Angel Wings represent the angels and guides that bring light to our lives everyday. The Super Wing provides strength, and with its phoenix-wing shape promotes change and transformation.

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Black Horn Angels Wing Hand-carved Small Necklace in Brass Filigree Finish

The wing is 3.4 inches (9cms) from the top to tip and 1.25 inch wide (3 cms) at the widest point.

The wing is hand carved from the Horn of a native Indonesian Water Buffalo Sustainably acquired and fair traded.
4mm cord is made from suede, you chose your favourite colour from the list or add a chain for a small extra charge.
The Golden Brass bale on top is hand made and carefully embossed with a fine filigree to add extra depth and beauty. Pair it with a gift box for that perfect gift! :-)

Feather Tribe's Story
Feather Tribe was originally born from a lucid dream whilst sleeping in a jungle surrounded villa in Bali. Jester dreamt of gifting his new friend Keith, a white bone carved feather necklace to acknowledge their fledgling friendship and to honour the excitement from the vivid dream. From there more of his friends wanted to symbolise their love, friendship and unity through wearing a carved feather necklace. The tribe quickly organically expanded through Ubud, the spiritual and cultural capital of Bali. The name Feather Tribe was exclaimed by Feather Tribe Angel Brynn in a love-filled mini Dustin Thomas concert in one of Ubud's most popular raw cafes, Soma. With spirit filled wings, Jester travelled from Bali to England, leaving feathers along the path and picking up new Feather Tribe Family members all along the way, including Feather Tribe Khaleesi Zoe. Together, they have been travelling through England, Bali and Australia, finding more family members and sharing their products as symbols of the freedom and upliftment that they have grown to represent. Now they back in the home hub of Bali, to grow their wings and unite the Worldwide Feather Tribe! They welcome you to the tribe and invite you to find a symbol of that freedom which will remind you daily that you are infinite and special in your own unique and perfect way. Feather Tribe are far more than a brand or a business, we are a tribe! A worldwide feather tribe! The sky is no limit, it's where we live. Together we fly...

Feather Tribe ship WORLDWIDE! Please be advised, shipping time can take between 2-4 weeks depending on where where you live.