Abalone And Brass Isis Goddess Necklace

Join the Feather Tribe with this powerful Brass Isis Goddess Necklace with hand carved Abalone Wings and Magical Ruby. The Auset Goddess embodies the feminine qualities of the divine and couples that grace with beautiful Abalone Wings and a powerful Ruby.

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Abalone and Brass Isis Goddess Necklace

The Brass Goddess Necklace measures 1.88 inches (4.8 cms) long and 1.65 inches (4.2 cms) wide in the wings. The chain is 8.66 inches (22 cms) long.

The body of the Goddess Necklace is made from Golden Brass with Abalone Shell Wings and the stone is Ruby. The necklace comes on a gold plated chain.

On an intuitive level, Abalone helps to stimulate psychic development and intuition while promoting the power of imagination. It has a soothing vibration that can help calm emotions during deep healing and will emotionally support the growth of Self. Physically, Abalone can heal the body within the Chakras but resonates most with the Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Within Third Eye Chakra, it will stimulate psychic intuition. Within the Heart Chakra it will help to gently clear and release emotions of fear, sorrow or any other negative feelings held. Within the Solar Plexus, it will use the power of Nature to re-instill the Power of Self.

The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. This exquisite crystal emanates the pure Red ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom. It actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement. Ruby initiates the sensual pleasures of life. It stirs the blood and stimulates the heart, encouraging one to enjoy being in the physical world. It increases desire and sexual energy, and may be used to activate the kundalini. Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness. In antiquity Rubies were considered to be perfect wedding stones.

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