24Ct Gold-Dipped Isis Goddess Earrings

The Isis Collection is honouring the winged goddess. Isis, Maat or Auset, from Egyptian mythology, is the goddess of love and magic. Wear these powerful amulets to promote the divine within us all.

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24ct Gold-dipped Isis Goddess Earrings

  • Size: Each Isis / Auset earring measures 3.7 cm (1.45 inches) wide and 2.5 cm (0.98 inches) tall, and the earrings hang 5.3 cm (2.08 inches) long.
  • Each earring is first hand carved, then cast in golden brass and then dipped in 24ct gold to give it an everlasting shine.
  • The chain and hooks are triple Gold plated to ensure a long lasting quality finish.
  • "Isis, the one who is all. The giver of life and goddess of magic. May I embody your divine femininity, your inner strength and powerful protection. With my own wings, I embody the confidence to fly high, remaining patient with feet on our earth. I sit with power for the greater good on my throne. Protect me, love me, and empower me great Isis."
  • We welcome you to the tribe and invite you to find a symbol of that freedom which will remind you daily that you are infinite and special in your own unique and perfect way. Feather Tribe are far more than a brand or a business, we are a family, a feather tribe family. The sky is no limit, it's where we live. Together we fly...
  • Please be advised, shipping time can take between 2-4 weeks depending on where you live. It may take a while but its worth the wait for this premium piece. :-)