Thank you so much for joining us in bringing DISTRIKT to Portugal!

Please complete the form on this page  to create your promoter account and generate your unique referral links.

Once registered, please connect your Paypal account for the fastest payouts.

Bank transfers are also available, however these payments need to be processed manually so will take longer. 


Our promoter payout platform works on a percentage commission basis rather than per ticket basis. 

The following is a table of the effective commission rates based on the face value of the tickets.

These rates will update automatically as each ticket tier sells out, you will not need to generate new links.

1st Allocation€40.95€410%
2nd Allocation€50.95€48%
3rd Allocation€60.95€46%

If your sales exceed 50 tickets, the commission rate on subsequent sales will increase  to €6 per ticket.

To ensure your links remain the same, the platform will continue paying €4 per ticket and our team will manually pay the balance on the extra.

To display ticket prices in EUR, please replace the '.com.au' in your link with '.eu' 😊 


Once promotional material has been approved including copy, videos and images, it will be made available here.

We will also email out a link to everyone who has registered as new material is made available.