About Us & Our Mission

Firstly, we’re doofers too! After years of attending some of the finest outdoor doof’s this side of the hemisphere, we noticed a problem. Where the hell do you find all the latest and greatest doof items to hit the dancefloor in style? We got sick of combing the web searching for the best items and the best prices.

So in a sense, the Doof Store has been created from our desire to solve our own doof problem. Our goal is to make it easy to get what you need to look like glistening sparkle unicorns, hardened doof warriors or whatever epic d-floor costume you can think of!

We’re pretty invested in this whole doof thing. Collectively our crew have been involved in underground electronic music and its associated culture for the best part of the last two decades. Subsequently, the Doof Store in its current form is just the start of our journey, and as we grow our mission is to reinvest in the community that makes a doof such a special place to be.

 As such, we’re eagerly looking to extend our product range and the number of suppliers that we work with in order to bring together the undisputed best range of doof items on the planet. If you’re an artisan or creator of fabulous dancefloor fashion, drop us a message we’d love to hear from you.