Women's Festival Clothing


Have you been looking for the perfect festival & party wear? Then you came into the right place! Here, at Doof Store, we have a lot of cute, alternative & unique clothes for you to choose from.

Choose between different styles: alternative, bohemian, hippie, sequin, punk, steampunk, goth, street style, trendy, vintage, grunge, artsy, rave and much more! Get that festival look that you've been looking for and enhance your unique style by choosing your ideal outfit.

Combine your favourite bum bags with an amazing pair of hot pants or jeans or check out our range of sexy & alternative tops, shirts and corsets and get amazed by our sparkle pieces.

And if you are also looking for some sexy Bratz style platforms we are totally sure you will find the perfect ones for you! We have a full range of alternative festival footwear that you can't miss if you want to have that finished look 😉 How cool are these? Get your wardrobe ready to rock at any festival with us.

And if you need something to keep you warm and cosy during a doof, we have a lot of jackets for you! From fluffy faux fur jackets to denim & vintage style coats, and also Kimonos.

At Doof Store, we know how important it is for our ravers and dancers to have that perfect Burning Man and/or Coachella look - and we all know what's the secret behind these amazing festival looks - BODY GLITTER! - and yes, we do have a lot of different glitters for you to choose from. Get your body shining & sparkling all day and all night long under the disco lights.

What else can you find in this amazing Women's Festival Clothing Collection? You can find the cutest summer wear! 

Girly bikinis and bodysuits, tank tops, denim skirts, dresses, jackets and shorts, cute blouses, shirts, mesh tops and transparent blouses (with long sleeves, short sleeves, medium sleeves or no sleeves at all), faux fur and faux leather jackets, stylish casual hoodies and amazing festival colourful hoodies, hippie & bohemian kimonos, festival accessories, bum bags and sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun!

You can also check out the amazing pants we have for you when the days are colder - and for the winter season. And if you are feeling like the cat that you are, we do have catsuits with different colours, fabrics & styles.

Get your festival clothing here at Doof Store, with Fast Delivery and Priority Shipping Available. We also have Afterpay available. Shop Now, Pay Later and enhance your personal style with the amazing festival outfits we selected for you. Be you, be DOOF! ♥️